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Wednesday, March 04 2020 / Published in Basketball
When you’re hot, you’re hot. Last night, Caris LeVert wasn’t just hot, he was ON FIRE – specifically in the 4th quarter and OT. In a massive 20+ point comeback win against the Celtics in Boston, LeVert dropped a career high 51 points, with 37 of those coming in the 4th Q and OT. It
Tuesday, March 03 2020 / Published in Basketball
It seems like every week we are seeing new all-time high selling prices for Prizm and Topps Chrome rookie cards of NBA stars. This week, it is no different, as Giannis Antetokounmpo Prizm Base RC PSA 10s are now selling just under $2,000. If you were to buy one just before the season started, you
Monday, March 02 2020 / Published in Baseball
You voted Ronald Acuña Jr, we provide the data. This morning, we posted a poll to our story asking whose Topps RC PSA 10 you wanted to see a Hot Listing on, and the top choice was Acuña. Over the weekend, many Topps RC PSA 10 values have shot up with the season approaching quickly.
Friday, February 28 2020 / Published in Basketball
Do you remember when Jayson Tatum Prizm Silver RC PSA 10s were selling for $500? We do because that was only a week ago when we posted a Hot Listing on this exact same card. Within ONE WEEK, this card has went from $500 to $1,300 – a 148% gain. Absolutely incredible. Let’s check out
Thursday, February 27 2020 / Published in Basketball
Coby, Coby, Coby. It feels like that’s all we’re seeing in our comment sections and DMs these days. Why you ask? Well, just a mere three straight 30+ point games off the bench for the Bulls. With those performances, he became the first rookie reserve to score 30+ in three straight games. He did it
Wednesday, February 26 2020 / Published in Basketball
Two of the best players in the NBA, two of the top trending Topps Chrome and Topps paper RC PSA 10s over the last 10 months. The other day, someone reached out to me wondering how the Topps paper grows in relation to the Topps Chrome for LeBron and KD. After doing a bit of
Tuesday, February 25 2020 / Published in Basketball
BRADLEY BEAL IS ON FIRE! After getting snubbed from the All-Star game on January 31st, he’s had a chip on his shoulder. In February, he’s averaging 36.2 points per game, 4.1 assists per game, and 3.7 rebounds per game while making three 3s per game on 9 attempts. Even more importantly, he just dropped BACK-TO-BACK
Friday, February 21 2020 / Published in Basketball
Were you a Jayson Tatum believer when it seemed like everyone was moving on? If you were, you’re set to over double your money, as today his Prizm Silver RC PSA 10s are selling for over $500, up 156% since the end of last season. Rewind to mid-May 2018, Jayson Tatum threw down a ferocious



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