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We’ve got the sports card videos you’re looking for to fuel your card knowledge. SX TV brings you the best sports card box breaks, collections, giveaways, and more every week. It’s time to tune in to SlabStox.

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PWCC Weekly Coverage

Join us every Sunday at 9:45 p.m. ET as we go live to bid on and discuss auctions on PWCC, the largest trading card marketplace in the world. PWCC and SlabStox have joined forces so you can see behind the scenes on how we sift through more than 7,000 cards.

Let’s grade cards together

When SlabStox grades sports cards, there's only one brand we can rely on—and that's SGC. Follow along as we do a deep dive into card grading during our monthly program, SGC Reveal. We’ll breakdown the details on some of the top-performing and on-trend slabs.

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