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Wednesday, April 07 2021 / Published in Market Report, Slabstox Latest, Sports Card News
Minutes before Tuesday’s market opened, Yahoo Finance announced that former Disney CEO and current chairman of The Topps Company, Michael Eisner, will be taking the company public through the SPAC, Mudrick Capital Acquisition Corp. II (MUDS). This is huge news for those investing indirectly in the sports-card industry. Previously, investors looked to Collector’s Universe, the
After what has been rumored to be up to a 10-million card backlog, grading industry leader PSA has decided to make another significant move, ultimately changing the outlook of the hobby twice in the month of March.  The move?  PSA is suspending all submissions for levels of grading up to the Super Express ($300/card) tier.
Tuesday, February 09 2021 / Published in Baseball, Market Report, Slabstox Latest, Sports Card News
A conversation between @SlabStoxAaron and the man who just blew up sports card record books On January 14th, the modern day holy grail for sports cards was auctioned off by PWCC Marketplace. One of the most coveted baseball cards, the 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle rookie card PSA 9, was purchased by actor and entrepreneur Rob
Tuesday, January 12 2021 / Published in Basketball, Market Report, Slabstox Latest, Sports Card News
While the NBA is getting stifled by COVID-19, card values are still shifting. COVID-19 is putting a lot of pressure on NBA teams and players. There’s been an increase in games postponed, and some teams played with the bare minimum number of players due to the NBA’s COVID-19 protocols. The outlook on some teams and
Money is being made in every sport right now. Don’t be afraid to diversify your card holdings! As we begin 2021, the NFL season is coming to a close, and the NBA season is just starting to heat up. There is a lot of excitement and anticipation for what should be one of the more
Thursday, January 07 2021 / Published in Basketball, Market Report, Slabstox Latest, Sports Card News
Navigating through Week 2 of the NBA season. It has been a crazy couple of weeks in the NBA, as the start of the season has really kept everyone guessing about what the true power rankings are. There have been so many blowouts around the league with good teams destroying bad teams, bad teams destroying
Saturday, January 02 2021 / Published in Basketball, Market Report, Slabstox Latest, Sports Card News
A quick update on the card market as the NBA season gets underway.  The start to the 2020-2021 NBA season has provided a ton of action and has been incredibly fun to watch. Most teams have only played a couple games so far, but we have already seen some incredible performances and moments.  The rest
Thursday, December 24 2020 / Published in Slabstox Latest, Soccer, Sports Card News
Sports card sets like this don’t come around often, here’s what you need to know.    With the emergence of the soccer card market dating back to earlier this summer, Aaron and Zach (@PremierSoccerInvesting) give their takes on the 2019 (already released) & 2020 (soon to come) Topps Chrome Champions League sets on this week’s SlabStoxFC







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