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Friday, January 13 2023 / Published in Baseball, Daily Slab, Dinging Corners
It’s been one interesting free agency for Carlos Correa. After he opted out of his contract with the Twins, the 28-year-old shortstop was one of the more sought after players to hit free agency this offseason. On 12/13/22, it was announced Correa was signing a 13-year, $350 million deal with the Giants. His introduction on 12/20/22 was abruptly delayed due to concerns about his medical. The very
Thursday, January 12 2023 / Published in Daily Slab, F1 / Formula 1, Product Release
With 2022 Topps Chrome F1 releasing just over a week ago, sales are starting to get logged. This is the third Topps Chrome F1 set to release, but a lot of collectors are buzzing about the design compared to the 2021 set. Lewis Hamilton Autos from the previous sets are extremely expensive (2020 = ~$20K), but his 2022 Refractor Auto sold for $1,000 just yesterday. Interesting note:
Thursday, January 12 2023 / Published in Daily Slab, Football
NEW VALUE: $100 PREVIOUS VALUE: $2.47 (1/27/14)PSA 10 POP: 13 ALL-TIME ROI: +3,949% Analysis: After two years, a full season as a starter and a playoff appearance later, a Geno Smith 2013 Prizm RC Base PSA 10 has finally sold again. You read that correctly. Despite it being a BASE card, this card as a PSA 10 hadn’t sold since September of 2020 when it sold for only $7.
Tuesday, January 10 2023 / Published in Daily Slab, Football, Uncategorized
NEW VALUE: $54 PREVIOUS VALUE: $30 (10/13/22)3-MONTH ROI: +73.33% PSA 9 POP: 213 Analysis: Is it Jordan Love time in Green Bay? The Packers backup has been sitting behind franchise icon Aaron Rodgers for the last three years, but that may change after an excruciating loss to the Lions two nights ago. Rodgers, who has been the starting QB of the Green Bay Packers for the past 15 years, may have thrown
Monday, January 09 2023 / Published in Basketball, Daily Slab
NEW VALUE: $25 PREVIOUS VALUE: $12 (12/12/22)1-MONTH ROI: +105.86% PSA 9 POP: 736 Analysis: The Bulls have been on a hot streak lately, having won 8 of their last 11 games and moving into the 9th spot in the East. This hot streak is due in large part to the stellar play of sharp shooter Zach LaVine. During this 11-game stretch, LaVine is averaging 27 points,
Sunday, January 08 2023 / Published in Football, Product Release
2022 Mosaic Football released at the end of December (12/30), and sales are starting to trickle into the Card Ladder Sales History tool. For a quick recap on what each hobby box offers: 10 packs with 15 cards per pack. If you rip a box, you’ll find 2 autos, 5 silver parallels, 15 mosaic parallels and 20 inserts (on average). Two of the higher sales include a Breece Hall 2022 Mosaic Black
Friday, January 06 2023 / Published in Basketball, Daily Slab, Slabstox Latest
NEW VALUE: $216,000 PREVIOUS VALUE: $33,800 (10/22/19) ALL-TIME ROI: +539.05% BGS 9.5 POP: 5 Analysis: In less than one year, this Giannis card dropped over $300,000. Giannis’ 2013 Prizm Gold RC /10 BGS 9.5 sold for $528,000 on 5/19/22, but two nights ago, it sold for $216,000 via Goldin (-59%). In Giannis’ last 10 games, he’s averaging 39 points, 15 rebounds
Friday, January 06 2023 / Published in Daily Slab, Hockey, Slabstox Latest, Sports Card News
What if we told you the biggest sports TANK in 2023 will not be in the NBA for Victor Wembanyama, but in the NHL for Connor Bedard? While that statement may sound ludicrous, it could be true. Since the start of 2023 (just five days), over 200 different pre-NHL cards of the 17-year-old phenom have

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