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Friday, May 22 2020 / Published in Football
It’s hard to imagine a card going from $2,000 to $7,000+ in under two months, but the Tom Brady 2000 Bowman Chrome RC PSA 10 has successfully done so – leading to a 235% increase in value. How did this happen? There seems to be only one explanation. People saw how much Michael Jordan rookie
Thursday, May 21 2020 / Published in Baseball
When was the last time the LEAST demanded card in a set at release turned into one of the TOP selling cards? This set is so unique in so many ways, and here is another instance. The Dwight Gooden by @tysonbeck has the lowest print run out of any Topps Project 2020 card (1,065), and
Wednesday, May 20 2020 / Published in Basketball
Tim Duncan 1997 Topps Chrome RC PSA 10 has been ON FIRE. Two weeks ago, we posted about the KG Topps Finest RC PSA 10 discussing the significant increase in value 1990’s rookie have seen. Well, this one is no different; since 2020, it has increased 439% in value. There have been 65 auctions to
Tuesday, May 19 2020 / Published in Baseball
One month ago, we reported that the Derek Jeter by @kingsaladeen was the second most purchased Topps Project 2020 card at the time (print run of 9,873). At the time, it seemed like the PR was too high to grab a great ROI on the secondary market. However, after retailing at $14.50 (if you bought
Monday, May 18 2020 / Published in Basketball
If you didn’t see my YouTube video explaining that PSA 9 Prizm Basketball rookies are quality investments, here’s your chance to catch the info (and an easy to see trend). Since the start of 2020, Jayson Tatum 2017 Prizm Base RC PSA 9’s increased over 800%. Now, Tatum is an extreme case. Pretty much any
Friday, May 15 2020 / Published in Basketball
On Wednesday, the Panini Mosaic First Off The Line Dutch auction went down and sold out at $650. Already, they are flipping at $1,000+ on eBay. With that release happening, I thought it’d be a good time to revisit 2019 Prizm First Off The Line. Back in early December, Prizm FOTL released with a new
Thursday, May 14 2020 / Published in Baseball
With seemingly everything going up in value at astronomical rates, it’s good to remember not everything takes on the same value increases. While a lot of cards have doubled or tripled over the last month and a half, most cards haven’t increased like that. Even though Wander Franco is the most hyped prospect in baseball,
Wednesday, May 13 2020 / Published in Football
Mahomes goes up, Lamar follows. Lamar Jackson Optic Holo RC PSA 10’s were at $400 in mid-February, and the last one sold on May 11 got $750 – an 87.50% increase in value. Recently, there’s been a lot of chatter in our IG live-streams and Nate’s YouTube video about the Lamar Jackson population report being



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