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Thursday, January 07 2021 / Published in Basketball, Market Report, Slabstox Latest, Sports Card News
Navigating through Week 2 of the NBA season. It has been a crazy couple of weeks in the NBA, as the start of the season has really kept everyone guessing about what the true power rankings are. There have been so many blowouts around the league with good teams destroying bad teams, bad teams destroying
Saturday, January 02 2021 / Published in Basketball, Market Report, Slabstox Latest, Sports Card News
A quick update on the card market as the NBA season gets underway.  The start to the 2020-2021 NBA season has provided a ton of action and has been incredibly fun to watch. Most teams have only played a couple games so far, but we have already seen some incredible performances and moments.  The rest
Thursday, December 24 2020 / Published in Slabstox Latest, Soccer, Sports Card News
Sports card sets like this don’t come around often, here’s what you need to know.    With the emergence of the soccer card market dating back to earlier this summer, Aaron and Zach (@PremierSoccerInvesting) give their takes on the 2019 (already released) & 2020 (soon to come) Topps Chrome Champions League sets on this week’s SlabStoxFC
Friday, December 18 2020 / Published in Basketball, Slabstox Latest
Basketball is coming, here’s how to navigate the market. The NBA season is right around the corner as preseason matchups have started to get underway. The hype and excitement around the basketball card market is reaching new highs and paralleling the rollercoaster summer with the NBA bubble.  It is important to keep this excitement in
Friday, July 24 2020 / Published in Basketball, Slabstox Latest, Sports Card News
lebron basketball card
Did you think you’d see the day when a modern sports card sold for more than an NBA player’s salary? Well, here’s the day, and the comparison. Milwaukee Buck Pat Connaughton played in 61 games prior to the NBA suspension. He averaged 5.1 points and 4.2 rebounds per game, and appeared in the 2020 All-Star
The sports-card market went through the largest demand influx it’s ever seen, and we’re here to recap the first half of the year with five big storylines. Setting The Scene: January to March Think back to January 1, 2020. Basketball is heating up, sports cards are growing in popularity, yet you can still get your hands on key rookie
Friday, June 19 2020 / Published in Slabstox Latest
The day has finally come to announce SlabStox’s biggest development yet. Ever since I started this company, my goal was to build a better way to buy, sell, and analyze sports cards – and we have done just that. Data has always been the driving force behind our content, and it will be the driving
Friday, June 19 2020 / Published in Slabstox Latest
Cue up “One Shining Moment.” It’s time to recap and celebrate our first SlabStox Best Investment Tournament, a fun card-collector bracketology we kicked off on Selection Sunday (March 15) and completed today! The way we figured, if we can’t have NCAA March Madness this year, we’ll create our own! We created a bracket with eight







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