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Wednesday, June 03 2020 / Published in Basketball
When was the last time you saw cards go up from the very first sale from a new release? The first auction for a 2019 Panini Mosaic LeBron James Silver sold for $214. Now, the most recent auction sold for $341 – a 60% increase in value. Panini Mosaic released via retail format first this
Tuesday, June 02 2020 / Published in Baseball
Here it is, the drop of the insanely high valued Topps Project 2020 secondary market. That Memorial Day weekend was the craziest rise we’ve ever seen in a set, and now we have the quick drop. Some cards have dropped even more than this Mike Trout by @ermsy, too. Since the peak of this card
Tuesday, June 02 2020 / Published in Basketball
Watch the Sam Dunks YouTube Show What up what up what up, welcome back to Sam Dunks, the weekly NBA show over at SlabStox. I’m your host Sam. Please, follow us on Instagram @slabstox, subscribe on YouTube, and subscribe to our newsletter at the top of this page.  We are finishing up our coverage of
Monday, June 01 2020 / Published in Basketball
New heights for the Luka Doncic 2018 Prizm Silver RC PSA 10? Yep. At the start of 2020, this card was over $1,250. Now, it is over $2,600. With an influx in demand, it makes sense this card increased 102%; however, the eye popping part comes when the NBA decided to suspend the season (for
Friday, May 29 2020 / Published in Baseball
For our market reports on Topps Project 2020 this week, we’ve been looking at the change in values since last week due to the market explosion. Today, we cover @arteknyc (Andrew Thiele) first card in the project – his Willie Mays remake with a print run of 1,464. This card increased 281% since last week.
Thursday, May 28 2020 / Published in Basketball
2019-20 @paniniamerica Noir Basketball released this week, and in my opinion it’s the best looking product out there. Of course, aesthetics don’t always correlate to value, so while it is a high-end release, the overall demand is lower than many other basketball investments. With that being said, Panini hit a home run last year when
Wednesday, May 27 2020 / Published in Basketball
Are we seeing a May pull back for Zion Williamson 2019 Prizm Base RC PSA 10’s? Indeed we are. Currently, almost all key investment cards are rising in price or maintaining their values, but Zion Prizm Base PSA 10’s are the opposite. The good thing is, the cause is not unknown. In April, there were
Tuesday, May 26 2020 / Published in Baseball
If you saw our post last night about print runs, you’d have read that most of the Topps Project 2020 cards are not shipped from Topps yet. All of the cards we’ve covered so far in market reports have been shipped and delivered, but the Rickey Henderson by @athlete.portraits has not been. The print run







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